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Facebook Fan Page Management Service.More than site maintenance, Facebook Fan Page management can take hours and hours. A very busy fan page can be a full time job just answering and interacting with all of the fans.

Facebook Fan Page Management Service

Facebook Fan Page Management Service

More than site maintenance, Facebook Fan Page management can take hours and hours.  A very busy fan page can be a full time job just answering and interacting with all of the fans.  Our starting package is for small to medium number of fans with low fan interaction.  Our aim will always be to get you to the next level of interaction and increase the interactions because that is what can potentially make you the money.  The starting package assumed 10 customer responses on the wall per day, posting five original content updates per week (micro-blogging), Posting five content curation  updates per week, also all of the other management requirement such as remove outdated materials when possible, welcoming all new fans (up to 20 per day), posting up to 10 photos per day, posting up to one video per day, etc.

Handling a Fan Page is harder and sometime much more time consuming than handling a dynamic site because it means dealing with the public and having to measure all responses and having to answer things from stupid questions or requests to great questions or requests that take a great deal of research or time to answer but which can bring a windfall in public good will.  Since it is not simply putting the content we recognize the great responsibility in catering to the unpredictable public in the public eye.
While this service has no agreement to sign it assumes a minimum of three months engagement.

We make no warranties or guarantees expressed or implied about our content management and when engaging us you acknowledge that we will hold no liability.  We will write about almost any subject but we reserve the right to refuse management of any Fan Page without requiring a reason, solely at our discretion.  Information for a dynamic and real time management of a Fan Page is very important particularly when answering questions, the operators will attempt to answer the clients (hereinafter interchangeably used for Fan) within their knowledge base but when questions or requests are outside their knowledge base you are required to answer then in less than 12 hours so that they can pass the answer to the client.  Frequent delays in responses can decrease the effectiveness of the manager and the page and we are not responsible for such damage.

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