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Blogger.com and WordPress.com are great ways to start your blog for free but once your blog starts getting results you need to move to a WordPress blog installation and host it on your own hosting account. We can do both. We can create your Worpress website and we can do WordPress Hosting for you. We can create a custom WordPress installation with its own custom design for very little cost. It will have up to 5 links that we can program for you for the different categories or features you want for your blog. This site is so good you can actually use it as your standard site.

With your own WordPress blog website you can take full advantage of all of the WordPress plugins you want. Also you control your blog and how it appears to people. The data remains yours instead of belonging to Blogger or WordPress.com. You control the looks, the feature, and have full 100% editorial control over your own content. You cannot be banned and you control 100% of your copyright and distribution.

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Please take advantage of our no strings attached absolutely FREE 30 minutes consultation to discuss your needs. Content Marketing is not about a sales pitch and you will not get one. During this call we will access your needs and illustrate our value to you only! Our first interest is to help you and our goal is to give you at least one advice that you can bank on!